Are you an educator looking for help in teaching the curriculum in an outdoor setting?

Do you want a whole school approach to Outdoor Learning?
Are you interested in Outdoor Learning but finding it hard to learn from a book?

Nature School around Sweden know the value of nature-based learning. In particular, its mental health and well-being benefits. What’s more, we all want to inspire curiosity and lead a group of happy and motivated pupils.

Teachers worry about lack of space, making time in the curriculum, staffing problems and how to manage energetic children. Our Nature school courses helps you gain the confidence and competence to bring outdoor learning into everyday school life. It’s a natural fit to current educational thinking and learning.
At Nature schools in Sweden outdoor course participants will:
• Get acquainted the key elements related to outdoor education and teaching outside the school area.
• Learn the principles and the aspects of outdoor learning
• Learn how to design, plan and deliver different outdoor activities
• Outdoor learning grouping methods and approaches

Bild: Malin Bideby Örebro naturskola april 2023










If you are interested in a course on outdoor education,

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